Where Miami residence look to buy art

Nowadays it can seem as though visual art, which is often mostly thought of as the domain of the elite or people with obscure interests has seeped its way into mainstream culture. The top-charting and meat-dress-wearing pop star Lady Gaga made an album with the word art in its title and chose to promote the album with a cover that included portions of the famous painting of the Greek goddess Aphrodite along with a blue gazing ball sculpture that was created by fine artist Jeff Koons. Rapper Jay Z released a song called Picasso Baby that featured a music video of the musician rapping the lyrics to well-known luminaries in the art world like Kenyan collage artist Wangechi Mutu, performance artist Marina Abramovic, artist Marilyn Minter, George Lindemann Jr., art dealer Sandra Gering and artist Rashid Johnson. Recently his wife Beyonce referenced the work of classic renaissance artists as the theme for her maternity photo shoots which often featured her in poses similar to the Greek goddess Aphrodite or in positions similar to that of the Virgin Mary as she is depicted in classic paintings. Jay Z even rapped about the famous New York City artist Jean Michel Basquiat who was a contemporary of the great Andy Warhol.

Visual art is not just a pursuit of people who are incredibly wealthy it is steadily and surely making its way into everyday life. As art becomes more popular many people might find themselves being interested in learning more about where they can find the work of new artists and how they can purchase prints or even original versions of art for their own homes.

For art lovers that either live in Miami or plan on visiting Miami the southern beachside city is actually the perfect place to purchase art. Those who are in the market to buy art need look no further than Miami Art Basel, the annual landmark art world event that comes to the city each year.
Art Basel got its start in the Swiss town of Basel and chose Miami, Florida to be its American home. The annual event brings together the world’s best known visual artists and up and coming visual artists in one place to exhibit art, sell art and celebrate creative expression. The work there can no doubt be a little pricey but it is an event that should be at the top of every art collector’s bucket list. Art collectors in Miami can also purchase art other local art fairs like Art Wynwood each February. They can also find art to purchase at local galleries like Bossa Gallery, Swampspace, Galleria Ca’D’Oro, Nina Torres Fine Art and Alfa Gallery.