Miami’s Art Scene

Miami is a dazzling tropical city known as a playground for the rich and famous. It is a premier ground for budding modern artists with varied cultural backgrounds. Knowing this tempts famous art collector celebrities to shop for contemporary pieces to add to their art collections.

Each year Miami hosts Art Basel, an international art festival that includes several select local galleries as hosts. This show draws thousands of art collectors and buyers which includes the rich and famous, including George Lindemann Jr.. In 2013, Jay-Z and Beyonce purchased a piece by street artist Hebru Brantley. Brad Pitt made a million dollar purchase in 2009 from Neo Rauch.

This year’s event is lining up to be just as exciting. Three galleries will be representing exciting contemporary art:

Michael Jon & Alan opened in 2012 and has hosted national and international artists including Sayre Gomez, Math Bass, Kelly Akashi, Egan Frantz, JPW3, Sofia Leiby, and Paul Cowan.

Fredric Snitzer Gallery is a leader in breaking the ceiling with contemporary Latin American artist. The gallery was founded in 1977 and has maintained a rigorous schedule of exhibitions yearly.

Bortolami is based in New York but has been representing artists in this Miami show for a couple of years.

Applicat-Prazan, Isla Flotante, Antenna Space, Jaqueline Martins, and Sfeir-Semler are galleries that are new to the Art Basel scene this year.

Area galleries offer exciting exhibits year round:

Nomad Art Gallery located on Commodore Plaza has a strong focus on international indigenous artists and their culture based art themes.

Paintings, sculptures, prints, drawings, and photography are featured at Etra Fine Art year round located at Northeast 4th Ave.

If you are looking for a Warhol or Lichtenstein you should visit Adamar Fine Arts Gallery on NE 2nd Avenue. They carry a wide selection well known contemporary artist’s works.

When visiting these inspiring Miami galleries of modern and contemporary art, know that noteworthy collectors, such as Pharrell Williams and Leonardo DiCaprio, search these exhibits looking for the next exciting emerging artist.

The 2017 Basel Contemporary Art Show in Miami is December 7-10. Attendance would allow you to be a part of one of the most exciting art shows of its kind if you are looking to purchase art or see a famous face.

Albino Riganello Named SemSem’s Newest Design Director

Albino Riganello joins luxury brand SemSem as design director, to expand the brand’s flourishing collection with his design prowess and technical expertise. SemSem intends to have Riganello work alongside creative director and founder Abeer Al Otaiba who is married to the United Arab Emirates Ambassador to the United States, Yousef Al Otaiba.

SemSem is a young brand with a distinct desire to dress women and their daughters in a design collection that reflects grace, beauty, and love. Al Otaiba has expanded upon this loving inspiration, through the brand’s gracious and conscious support of charities that promote female empowerment throughout the world. Named for Al Otaiba’s own daughter Samia, SemSem reflects a modern blend of Eastern and Western cultures, with its clean lines, softly flowing fabrics, and exquisite details. Continuing with the brand’s mission and growth trajectory, SemSem looks into incorporating Riganello’s creative contributions, starting with the upcoming Fall Collection.

Italian native Albino Riganello comes to SemSem with a wide range of experience from his work with numerous fashion labels. These have included acclaimed global fashion houses such as Givenchy, Alessandro Dell’Acqua, Dolce & Gabbana, and Zuhair Murad. Riganello has also worked with famous American labels Elie Tahari and St. John. In his last position with Givenchy, Riganello was notably head designer of the women’s pre-collection under Riccardo Tisci. With a career spanning twenty years, Riganello has exhibited design sensibilities that echo a keen awareness of European and New York lifestyles.

Riganello and SemSem have developed an immediate creative connection, with Riganello’s appreciation of the brand’s elegance and sophistication, and the brand’s recognition of Riganello’s edge and focus. Riganello’s debut collection with SemSem features evening dresses and pantsuits in rich tones. The collection presents plenty of sleek silhouettes, cascading ruffles, and cut-outs, as well as beautifully structured coats with rich textures and trim. The girls’ line mirrors the women’s line with its similar fabrics and design elements in a playful and young style.

SemSem looks forward to this exciting collaboration with Riganello, as the label gains traction and love from fans worldwide.

Florida’s Most Luxurious Neighborhoods

The state of Florida has many popular cities that offer some of the places to live within the United States. These high end communities are located in various cities throughout the region. Here is a list of the most luxurious neighborhoods located inside of the Sunshine State and the reason why they are highly rated communities.

1. Jupiter Island

The only way a person can live inside of the community of Jupiter Island is that they must have real money. Having real money simply means that you literally must have millions of dollars at your disposal and we’re not talking about any sum under $10 million. The average house on Jupiter Island cost $4.5 million dollars.

There about 90 local residents that live on Jupiter Island and they are among the most famous people in America and on the planet. This place is considered the number one most affluent community within Florida and quite possibly the United States.

2. Indian Creek

Indian Creek is a beautiful location that is home to ocean views and multi-million dollar homes. Potential buyers are drawn to the sense of comfort and security that Indian Creek provides for its residents. In addition to its private police force, Indian Creek also has its own 18-hole golf course. Notable residents of Indian Creek include Robert Diener, Edward Lampert, and Craig Robins and his wife, Jackie Soffer (

3. Orchid

Orchid is another city that ranks high up on the list of the most expensive places to live in Florida. This particular town only has 292 people and most of the city is locked away inside of a gated community. The average household income for the residents is around $200,000 and the small community has a lot of great amenities for local residents. Orchid is definitely one of the most affluent places to live in Florida.

3. Gulf Stream

Gulf Stream, Florida is considered the 11th wealthiest city to live within the United States. It ranks high up on the wealthiest places to live within the state. The properties are astounding and the income earnings for local residents is well into the millions. This is truly one of the most expensive places for people anywhere to live.

4. Palm Beach, Florida

This city of Palm Beach is a popular destination within Florida and it is also home to only 10,000 people. However, the people that live here are high income earners and they have the income and nice housing to make Palm Beach a very ritzy city within the state.

Other high end Florida communities include Indian River Shores, South Beach, Golden Beach, Manalapan, Boca Grande, Key Biscayne and Naples. Each of these cities have a lot to offer in terms of excellent living conditions, public services and secure neighborhoods.