The Finest Art Collectors In Miami

The city of Miami is a hub for art that will be used time and again to help bring new art to life. It is a place where the finest artists of the age are living, and they are selling to people who are most-interested in the ways they may invest in art with their net worth. There are many celebrities who are coming to the city to ensure they are seeing the finest art, and this article explains how the city is helping artists grow every day.

#1: How Is The Art Collected?

Actors such as Leonardo DiCaprio and Orlando Bloom come to the city often to collect art, and there are natives such as Bella Thorne who are in the city all the time. She is collecting because she believes in investing her money in something beautiful. These are just a few of the people who are collecting, and they are leading many more celebrities who are coming to the city to collect.

#2: Artist’s Homes

There are many artist living in the city who are making their homes in their studios. They takes guests often, and they will create work that helps their clients find something perfect for their style. The artists are selling at shows, and they are selling in places that are most-convenient for the client.

#3: Selling At Basel Art Festival

The Basel art festival is quite popular, and it brings out the biggest stars of the day to the area every year. It is quite important that the artists in the area feel as though they are given every opportunity to sell to people who love their art, and they must see many people coming by to look at their art. The celebrities who come to the city once a year will find it quite interesting because they will order art on the spot they may take home with them. Investing in art is a stable way to save money, and it is a way the actor may sell the art for cash at any time.

Those who are coming to the city for the sunshine must ensure they are searching for art while they are in the city. They will see many options for buying art, and they will save money in the process of buying. There are many different people who are searching for ways to invest their money that is not so unstable, and art from Miami is a fine choice.

New Office and Residential Development Coming to Baltimore

Developer Metropolitan Partnership Ltd submitted a proposal that included plans to develop 1 Light Tower to Baltimore’s city leaders in January, 2015. Metropolitan proposed plans to construct a 33-story office and apartment building with a garage. The new property development on One Light Street will be in a 404-feet glass tower and comprises of 340 apartments, 646 parking stalls, and a 10-floor office space. City leaders and Downtown Partnership approved the proposal presented by Metropolitan Partnership on the new office and residential development coming to Baltimore.

Demolition of old buildings at the site began in August and is now complete. Once Urban Design and Architecture Review Panel (UDARP) decides to approve the project, Metropolitan Partnership will begin on construction. In May 2016, the developer made modifications to the previous proposal submitted in 2015. Modifications include removal of five stories, reducing the glass building to a 28-story tower. Members of the Panel refused to approve the modified proposal and questioned landscaping which may have an impact on historic French Renaissance architectural structure, Thomas Building. Real estate investor and developer Madison Marquette is part of the process.

As soon as Metropolitan receives approval from UDARP, the developer will begin construction with expectation of completion in the winter of 2018. The 28-story 1 Light Tower will be a multifamily residence, retail and office space facility. The new proposal has the tower with nine levels of office, 10 levels of 274 apartment units, seven levels of above parking, and two levels of below parking. The apartment tower will also include a fitness center, rooftop swimming pool and lounge area.

Baltimore Development Corporation provided $28 million in bonds to help fund the parking garage. The garage will be behind a tall front stone near the Thomas Building. Once the project is completed, M&T Bank may occupy office space in the tower. The enhanced development in the financial district supports the plans at 10 Light Street, according to Metropolitan’s Chief Executive Officer, Cary M. Euwer, Jr. Plans to redevelop Bank of America historical building has made it to discussion panels for more than 10 years. The property on 1 Light Street was purchased by the developer as a partnership with other business entrepreneurs.

Metropolitan Development is excited about the new office and residential development coming to Baltimore. When the developer presents information to the Panel concerning the impact of landscaping will have on Thomas Building, the panel is likely to approve the modified proposal. M&T Bank is presently looking for a new location for its headquarters and remains in discussions to occupy several levels of office space in the 1 Light Tower.

Aventura Mall: A Glimpse into the Future of Streamlined Retail

In the modern age, innovation in informational technology is a relentless, exponentially growing, high-demand commodity. Diversification is constant, leading to novel applications that are critical to the success and market presence of business across all industries. The accessibility and quickness of online shopping has dealt a major blow to the traditional retail environment. Massive corporate department stores, once a magnificent testament to the raw power of American capitalism and the consumer, now watch as stores throughout the country close, and even more lie vacant. However, as old symbols fade and the internet becomes a modern gold-rush, Aventura Mall, overseen by Jackie Soffer, has created a tasteful combination of shopping, technology, and art that is unique to the 2.7 million square foot establishment.

Aventura Mall has revolutionized their directory with cutting-edge 70-inch touchscreens that are immersive, employ captivating art and architecture from a New York firm, and include mapping technology for impeccable functionality. The new directory elicits the traditional sentiments of a weekend trip to the mall while offering the technological perks of online shopping. Just like Amazon and eBay, the new system makes suggestions based on the stores you’re browsing. However, this experience is shared with friends and family which magnifies its usefulness. The casing for the directories is built from an elegant, natural looking material that allows the directory to blend with other infrastructure, seamlessly soothing the sense of sight.

In truth, the renovation itself could serve as a vivid concept art piece. As uttered by German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche, “Art is not merely an imitation of the reality of nature, but in truth a metaphysical supplement to the reality of nature, placed alongside thereof for its conquest”. As electron-illuminated pixels fuse with sleek architecture; everything is bound by the static of human touch.

What would seem like a natural escalation of a pre-existing system has been executed to perfection, becoming a captivating precedent into the potential of technological innovation when it is performed with proper balance and taste. Although the direct utility of the internet is hard to beat; the directory at Aventura Mall is impossible to match.